• The largest carbon composite ship of the World for İzmir

The largest carbon composite ship of the...

The largest carbon composite ship of the World for İzmir

Aiming to carry its passengers by fast and comfortable ships built by the cutting-edge technology on İzmir Gulf, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is getting 15 catamarans built by Özata Shipbuilding at its shipyard in Yalova. The hulls of these catamarans are manufactured by carbon composite material. The representatives of the sector think that preferring carbon composite material for the ships is a significant decision for the Turkish maritime to offer service to the world in a new segment. Planned to be delivered in about 6 months, the hull of the first ship has already been manufactured.
Aziz Kocaoğlu, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, went to Özata Shipbuilding together with the representatives of the maritime sector and press members of İzmir to examine the ship.
“Turkish shipbuilding has taken a great step with the manufacturing of these ships” said Kocaoğlu. “We could not find a contracting company when we announced the tender. Then, Mr. Ataseven placed a bid. Turkish shipbuilding will have a big leap forward upon manufacturing these ships. We will create an added value, save costs and move our country to its long deserved level. This investment does not only cover these 15 ships.It will also open new horizons. I hope these investments will put a new face on the Gulf.”
Mr. Özdemir Ataseven, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Özata Shipbuilding, said that the biggest passenger ships built by carbon composite material used in the aviation and space technology are being manufactured for İzmir. “This investment of the Municipality has diverted the attention of the world maritime sector to Yalova.The ships aroused a worldwide attention. We experienced very closely that the catamarans we are building attracted the most attention in the biggest world fair held in Norway last month. We would like to thank the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and everyone who helped us to realize this project.” Ataseven added that the Azerbaijan investors also came to Yalova to study the carbon composite technology for their new ships.
Mr. Ataseven underlined that, after executing the contract in June 2012, they started the project design studies in coordination with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, “We started working jointly for the environmentally-friendly ships that have the beauty and comfort that suits İzmir and have the expected technical capacity. We designed a ship with modern lines. The produced model was successfully tested in Poland at an expert laboratory on catamarans. Then we started to make investments for the infrastructure of our shipyard to make it suitable for production of carbon composite. We have already invested $9 million for this purpose. We will invest another $9 million until the end of the project.” Domestic manufacturers will be included in the project Ataseven emphasized that the decision made by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on the purchase of carbon composite catamarans has a historical importance for Turkish Maritime sector.“The order placed by the Municipality is one of the very important and right decisions for the Turkish maritime sector to provide service in a new segment. Being the main contractor of the projects, we find it as one of main duties to include the domestic manufacturers in this project and we are working together with the Localization Committee of Chamber the Chamber of Turkish Naval Architects & Marine Engineers and Turkish Association of Ship Industrialists.The design and manufacturing control of the ships have been performed by DNV Norwegian Lloyd, a class organization prominent with its world known experience. We proceeded according to the termination plan prepared at the beginning of the project. We will put the ships into the service of people of İzmir without experiencing any delays.”
Thumbs up from the mariners
Geza Dologh, the President of the Council of İzmir Branch of Chamber of Shipping: “We are happy to see the first ship. We saw the sample two years ago. We decided on these ships 13 months ago  and the first baby is on the way. Hopefully it will be born at the end of the year. Then the others will follow each other in three months. We really liked it. I do not think we will encounter any problems. Indeed, this technology will be very useful for the Turkish maritime sector. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be a good example.”

Yusuf Öztürk, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İzmir Branch of Chamber of Shipping: This is a product of Turkish workers, engineers and shipyards. I am really proud of it as someone from İzmir. We visited it. I think it will be suitable for İzmir and our Municipality. It is also being built with a very suitable material. Being light brings many advantages.It also consumes little fuel. It is fast. I think we will have very comfortable voyages on both inside and outside the gulf.
Emrah Erginer, the President of İzmir Branch of Chamber of Shipping: Let’s hope for the best. We submitted a report to the municipality regarding this subject.We also made some statements.  I hope this project will be completed successfully.  I hope they will be successful and completed in time.”