• A passenger ship from Yalova to Azerbaijan

A passenger ship from Yalova to Azerbaij...

A passenger ship from Yalova to Azerbaijan

Mirvari, a passenger ship with a capacity of 650, built for the Azerbaijan Government with the collaboration of Asia Denizcilik and Özata Shipyard was delivered with a ceremony.
A ceremony was held in the ShipyardArea of Altınova District of Yalova for the delivery of Mirvari to Azerbaijan Government. Justice and Development PartyYalova Deputy Temel Coşkun, Altınova Municipality Mayor Metin Oral, Justice and Development Party Provincial Head Mustafa Pehlivan, Özata Shipyard´s Chairman Özdemir Ataseven and Azerbaijan Asia Denizcilik´s Chairman Elchin Khalilov participated in the handover ceremony held at Özata Shipyard.
Özata Tersanecilik Chairman Özdemir Ataseven gave the opening speech of the ceremony and said that the world maritime industry has turned its eye on Turkey with the business partnership established with Asia Denizcilik. "Turkish engineers and workers have worked for 1 year for Mirvari that will be the pearl of the Azerbaijan Government in the Caspian Sea", said Ataseven. "The ship will provide service for 650 passengers with a VIP restaurant and VIP passenger hall." 
Ataseven reminded that he has been in the shipbuilding business for 38 years and performed duty as executive in professional chambers in the sector. "We broke grounds by building the biggest ships in the world, including Scandinavian countries" he said. 
Elchin Khalilov, Asia Denizcilik´s Chairman, stated in his speech that the business partnership between two companies dates back to 2 years.  "In 2011, we won the world´s biggest composite contract by establishing a business partnership with Özata.  This was a breakthrough for us.  By completing the keel of the first of 15 carbon composite ships to be built for the very first time in the world in this size by the tender held by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we presented it to the whole public last month.  Mirvari will be the proud of Turkish engineers in the Caspian Sea.  Both Azerbaijan and Turkish governments provided their supports for the construction of Mirvari.  We are thankful.  Turkey is a safe port for foreign investors."
The ceremony ended by the iftar dinner served to the guests participated in the program.