• Çakabey Launched with a Ceremony

Çakabey Launched with a Ceremony...

Çakabey Launched with a Ceremony

Çakabey, the first of the catamaran type ships with carbon composite hull, which was purchased by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and built in Yalova by using space technology to improve the Gulf transport of İzmir, was launched with a great ceremony.
At the opening ceremony held at Üçkuyular ferry port, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu; Provincial Administration of CHP; İzmir MPs of CHP; the mayors of subdistricts of İzmir; Members of provincial and municipality Council, as well as non-governmental organizations, representatives of professional chambers, municipality bureaucrats and citizens participated in the ceremony.
The best passenger ship of the world in its class
Mr. Özdemir Ataseven, the Chairman of Özata Shipyard, thanked Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for making a breakthrough in the Turkish shipbuilding and said, “It is difficult to break down the prejudices and make people accept new opinions. These are special ships and they are manufactured by using a technology used by very few countries in the maritime sector. We are continually working carefully to deliver the ships in time. We will continue to deliver ships that would serve İzmir community. These types of catamaran ships with carbon composite body are the world´s largest passenger ships in its class. Çakabey will meet the expectations of people of a modern city. Turkish ship industry has created a tremendous impression with this ship which we can understand from reactions. With the construction of these ships, Turkey has now taken  an irreversible path, which would change the view of sea transportation. From now on, there is no need to build old types of ships. I would like to thank Mr. Kocaoğlu and his team on behalf of the sector.”
New Ships on the Way
Having signed a loan protocol for €110 million with IFC, the World Bank Finance Committee for 15 new ships to be used for Gulf transport and renewal of piers,   İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will take delivery of the rest of the 15 ships, to be added to the fleet, every 3 months, within the framework of the projects that reaches a total cost of €117 million. After 9 Eylül, the second ship that is still being built, named by the people of İzmir by votes, the third ship will provide service for the outside of the Gulf. While the building of the fourth and the fifth ships are going on at full speed in the Yalova facilities by Özata Shipbuilding, the capacity of the gulf transport is planned to increase by 25% with the 4 ships targeted to be delivered until the end of the year.
Thanks to the speed and maneuver capability of this high speed passenger ships, services can be arranged frequently between piers. The carbon composite material used in manufacturing the new catamaran type ships is a first in Turkey, and these ships built with space technology will form good examples for Turkey and in the world. Due to existing ships´ technical features and low speed, the routes that could not be offered before  such as Güzelbahçe, Urla, Mordoğan, Karaburun and Foça can now be offered after these new ships.
With these carbon composite ships, less fuel consumption and lower transportation costs are also aimed. Carbon composite material used in ships, reduces fuel consumption, maintenance-hiring-renovation costs, depending on weight, and extends the lifetime of ships. Also, corrosion does not occur as in metal building materials; sound and heat isolation can be provided at a high rate; and less carbon dioxide emission occurs depending on fuel consumption. Carbon composite manufacturing, the raw material of which is produced in Turkey, is more advantageous than steel and aluminum with these features.
These ships have been planned as environmentally- and handicapped-friendly, keeping passenger comfort and safety at highest level and having low operation-maintenance-renovation costs.