• People of İzmir named the new ferry

People of İzmir named the new ferry...

People of İzmir named the new ferry

The name of the new ferry was determined by the people of İzmir through a public survey.  “1881-Atatürk” got the first place in the survey where more than 500.000 votes were used. 
A survey was conducted through internet by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to determine the names of 13 new passenger ships and 3 ferryboats ordered to Özata Shipyard with the purpose of improving the sea transport.
The survey started on 8th of May and suggestions for the names were taken online until May 30. Among nearly 1,000 suggestions, some of them were eliminated by the system as they were given to other ferries (the names registered with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, in line with legislation), or found against moral principles or containing commercial messages and misspellings, and 50 top rated names were voted. 
The survey attracted great attention from the people of İzmir, competing hard to be the name-givers of the ships. 511,190 votes were used at the survey that lasted 45 days. It also reflected the competition between the İzmir football clubs and the delicacies of the city. Also “Soma” and “Gezi” names competed for the top rates, but “1881- Atatürk” ranked first. 
Çakabey and Dokuz Eylül meet with the Bay
The names of the first two of the 15 ferries ordered by İzmir Metropolitan municipality with the purpose of making the sea transport at the bay more comfortable, faster and safer were decided as Çakabey and Dokuz Eylül. The new ferries are being built by using carbon composite material and are the biggest passenger ferries of the world. When all of them will be put into operation, the share of the sea transport in mass transport in İzmir will be doubled.