• The 5th Defense Industry and Sector Relations Conference

The 5th Defense Industry and Sector Rela...

The 5th Defense Industry and Sector Relations Conference

The 5th Defense Industry and Sector Relations Conference was held in Green Park Pendik Hotel. Mr. Sedat Güldoğan, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Industry also attended the conference that hosted the leading companies of defense industry.

Today, the defense industry is the subject of every conversation, everywhere. I am happy to participate in this conference where the sector and industry came together. The recent year has had paramount importance in the development of the defense industry. A quadruple growth was experienced in the last 12 years in the sector, in terms of turnover. A six fold growth was experienced in export and very big investments were made in R&D. I think we have fulfilled our share in the development of the sector. The main lines of the sector have been formed and the deficiencies of our companies have been eliminated. However, we could not reach the required layers, yet. We have not ensured a solid structuring. The sector is going on growing in all aspects, both turnover-wise and company-wise. It has gained sustainability. We are trying to solve the technologies together with the research institutes. We have formed a solid infrastructure. The entire sector put its signature under the technological developments that money cannot buy. If we do not realize these infrastructure studies, it is impossible to achieve the technology in the future.
We brought our defense industry to the current position by bringing universities, R&D institutions and the entire components together and providing the sufficient resources. We should reserve more resources for the defense industry. After this table I have illustrated, we should invest more. We have dealt with the start of the business. Now, we should go on with elaborating. We should raise all the human resources of the country. It is very important to develop the first technologies. Money is not the essential part. We have very serious targets ahead, such as 2023.  Turkey has a 500 billion dollars export target for 2023. We should go deep in technology. We should create our own brands. But, how? This is the question. The defense industry claims that this lies in public supply. We, as public, are ready to provide the required support.
Defense industry is the starting point of Turkey. We are all around the world. We went as far as Colombia. They have a bigger army than us. We can sell them some things. We have to extend our markets to ensure sustainability. Kazakhstan was visited many times. We have to think over each and every process. We have a powerful industry. Turkey can jump to 2023 targets through defense industry. The sector is in search in the entire world. World is taking Turkey seriously in defense industry. We have the role of a player. We have many deficiencies but we will succeed all together.