• Dokuz Eylül at the service of İzmir people

Dokuz Eylül at the service of İzmir peop...

Dokuz Eylül at the service of İzmir people

After ÇAKABEY ferry, the "DOKUZ EYLÜL" passenger ferry has been put into operation to make the bay transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality easier.

The second of the Municipality´s catamaran type passenger ships built with space technology with carbon composite hull has also started to operate. The ferry named "DOKUZ EYLÜL" will make its first voyage between Konak and Karşıyakaadı at 09.40. Çakabey, the first of these ships built in Yalova, started operating in February.
While the building of the fourth and the fifth ships are going on at full speed by Özata Shipbuilding, the capacity of the gulf transport is planned to increase with the 2 ships planned to be delivered until the end of the year.
It will be possible to offer more service between the piers, thanks to the high speed and maneuver capability of the new ships. With these carbon composite ships, less fuel consumption and lower transportation costs are also aimed. Carbon composite material used in ships, reduces fuel consumption, maintenance-hiring-renovation costs, depending on weight, and extends the lifetime of ships. Also, corrosion does not occur as in metal building materials; sound and heat isolation can be provided at a high rate; and less carbon dioxide emission occurs depending on fuel consumption. Carbon composite manufacturing, the raw material of which is produced in Turkey, is more advantageous than steel and aluminum with these features. These ships have been planned as environmentally- and handicapped-friendly, keeping passenger comfort and safety at highest level and having low operation-maintenance-renovation costs. Considering the high speed of new ships, the number of daily trips at the inner bay will increase to 300 from 200 in average. The number of passengers will also increase accordingly.
15 ferries and 3 ferryboats

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will purchase 3 new ferryboats in addition to the passenger ferries. The ferryboats will have a speed of 14 knots, and a capacity of 450 passengers, minimum 64 automobiles, 10 motorbikes and 10 bicycles. They will be built as suitable for disabled and blind people and will feature a game part for children aged 2-5, cages for pets, 2 elevators for strollers and wheelchairs.
The ferryboat "Mavi Körfez" that was leased for 3 years by İZDENİZ A.Ş. had started operating in February.
İzmir peole gave the names

The Metropolitan Municipality initiated a survey on the Internet to name the new İzmir ships and among more than 500,000 votes, the name "1881- Atatürk" ranked first.