• ´1881 Atatürk´ anchored in the Waterfront of İzmir

´1881 Atatürk´ anchored in t...

´1881 Atatürk´ anchored in the Waterfront of İzmir

“1881 Atatürk”, the third of the 15 catamaran type ferries ordered for İzmir Bay reached İzmir.
“1881 Atatürk” was the 3rd of the 15 catamaran type ferries ordered for the purpose of extending the sea transport at İzmir Bay was delivered to İzmir by the manufacturing company. The ferry was named “1881-Atatürk” after a survey conducted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.
The 3rd of the 15 catamaran type ferries manufactured by Özata Denizcilik as the biggest carbon composite passenger ferry in the world arrived in İzmir Bay.
The two ferries previously delivered by the manufacturer were named "Çakabey" and "Dokuz Eylül”. After these ferries, a survey was conducted to find a name for the remaining 10 passenger ferries and 3 ferryboats. As it ranked first, this ferry was named “1881-Atatürk” and tied to Pasaport Pier.
People of İzmir showed great interest to the ferry. People walking by the waterfront (Kordon) took pictures in front of the ferry.
Fast and Comfortable
The ferry that will make the transport in the bay faster with 18 knots/hour will have the capacity of carrying 420 passengers. Accommodating comfort from wi-fi internet to TV broadcast, the ferry has special arrangements for the disabled as well. There will be signs and warning labels written in Braille Alphabets at certain places for the blind to use. Also, certain places will be spared as bicycle parking areas; therefore, cyclists will also benefit from travelling comfortably by using the ship. There will be at least three independent pet cages on the ships to allow the pet owners to carry their pets on board. The new ferry will be put into service in İzmir Bay after the necessary controls are completed.