• Özata Shipyard sent Soma Ferry to İzmir

Özata Shipyard sent Soma Ferry to İzmir...

Özata Shipyard sent Soma Ferry to İzmir

SOMA Ferry, the 4th of 15 catamaran type ferries built for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality by ÖZATA Shipyard is ready for operation.
Soma ferry, the 4th of 15 catamaran type ferries with carbon composite hull to be used for bay transport by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality passed all the tests successfully. The ferry was sent to İzmir by Özata Shipyard.
Following the completion of the tender process for 15 ferries started to be built at Özata Shipyard in Yalova. Soma, the 4th one, is 39 meter long, 11.6 meter wide. It was built of carbon fiber material.
The ferry has 420+6 passenger capacity and has the service speed of 18 knots. It has special areas for the disabled, and the embarking and disembarking ramps for them to travel comfortably and there are walking trails, restroom for the disabled, too. Soma is called environmentally-friendly because it consumes less fuel thanks to its lightweight material and has longer life cycle due to the material it was built by.
There is top level security on Soma ferry. The ferry is furnished with totally 18 cameras  that scan and records the images for 24 hours. Images are taken from the inner areas of the passenger sections, engine rooms, steering rooms, outer sections, decks, front and rear sitting areas, gangway and starboard.
As the importance of life safety kept at top level in emergency cases, ferries are designed to give priority to evacuation of the passengers as well as fire warning and respond system.