• İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is giving a start to the ferry voyages to Foça

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is givin...

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is giving a start to the ferry voyages to Foça

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is extending its inner-bay voyages to the outer-bay. The first voyage to Foça will start on Saturday.
Realizing critical improvements with its ferry fleet furnished with cutting edge technology, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is now extending the voyages to the outer bay. The first voyage will be made to Foça, one of the important touristic centers of the city. IZDENİZ Team that had a trial voyage to Foça before they were officially started was welcomed enthusiastically by the people of the town.  These voyages are being looked forward to especially by the holiday makers. The people of Foça met the ferry together with Mayor of Foça, Gökhan Demirağ. The crew was applauded when they docked at the pier and expressed their happiness.
Foça, a seafarer town

Gökhan Demirağ, Mayor of Foça, stated that their town was experiencing one of its historic days, and that sea transport was a very important investment and service for the town and added, “We, as people of Foça, would like to thank Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. We always thought that our town requires a different point of view in terms of the provided services because Foça is a city for seafarers. Within this context, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality set an unbelievable standard with these investments.”
Zeynep Çemrek, member of the Municipality Council, also thanked Aziz Kocaoğlu and said, “İzmir Metropolitan Municipality provided a great service for our town. Such an opportunity will be very beneficial for people of Foça.”
Beyhan Türker, member of the Municipality Council of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, said it was a very good opportunity to be able to reach Foça both by sea and highway. “How happy we are to be able to enjoy the sea while travelling between Foça and İzmir. We thank Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu very much for this” said Türker.
Expressing their gratification for the established voyages, people of Foça expressed their feelings as follows, “This is a surprise investment for us. It is a good service for the development of Foça. This is a touristic town. Therefore, this will be a very good thing and people from İzmir will enjoy travelling by sea. Inside of the ferries are also nice. They are cool and comfortable.”
Two shuttles at the weekends

Improving the pier of Foça Municipality in line with the new Ferries, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will organize two shuttles at the weekends for those who would like to spend the weekend in this beautiful town. The shuttles will be arranged from Karşıyaka- Konak to Foça at 08.00 and 18.00 hours and they will leave Foça at 10.05 and 20.05.
Voyages to 4 more towns

The Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to make sea transports to Mordoğan, Urla, Güzelbahçe and Karaburun after Foça. Within this framework, the tender for building Mordoğan Pier was held and the process is continuing. Tender works for building piers in the other towns are also in progress.
The fee for Foça- Karşıyaka ferry to start on Saturday by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be 10 TL per person; for the students 6 TL and teachers 8 TL. People of İzmir can use “İzmirim” Card for Foça voyages. The validators at the turnstiles at the piers will get the specified fees for Foça from “İzmirim” Card
6 of the 15 ferries arrived

Totally 15 new ferries were ordered to Özata Shipyard located in Yalova by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to improve the sea transport in the city. 6 of these ferries arrived and put into service until now. The last two with catamaran hull type and built by carbon composite which is more solid than steel, lighter than aluminum, durable, have longer life cycle and lower operational cost will be furnished to provide service at the outer-bay.