"Cengiz Kocatoros’ built by Özata Shipya...

"Cengiz Kocatoros’ built by Özata Shipyard was put into service in İzmir

8th  of the 15 new ferries ordered by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to Özata Shipyard was  completed and put into service. The ferry was named by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality after Cengiz Kocatoros, known as “Gode Cengiz”. 
8th of the 15 new passenger ferries which were named by people of İzmir were completed and put into service. The ferry that was named by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality after legend Cengiz Kocatoros, known as “Gode Cengiz”, started its first voyage after a ceremony attended by Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir. In his speech to the public during the ceremony, Kocaoğlu said, “We went on a journey with the most intellectual and most faithful people of Turkey. Being in İzmir, living in İzmir and being a mayor in Izmir is, believe me, a great honor.”
The ferry was built at Özata Shipyard and delivered to the Municipality recently. After the trials, it was put into service. The ceremony held at Bostanlı Pier was attended by Mayor Kocaoğlu, members of parliament, district mayors, Chairman and administrators of Karşıyaka sports club, Zerrin Kocatoros, spouse of Mayor Kocatoros, Tayfun Kocatoros, his son; Gamze Kocatoros Çelik, his daughter; his granddaughter Lal and people of Karşıyaka.
During the ceremony, Kocaoğlu said they were carrying passengers between Karşıyaka, Güzelyalı, Üçkuyular, Konak, Pasaport and Alsancak by the ferries they purchased with the purpose of improving the bay transport. Kocaoğlu also said, “Together with Cengiz Kocaoğlu, the 8th of the ferries have been put into service. Then those named after Gürsel Aksel, Sait Altınordu, Vahap Özaltay and Metin Oktay will arrive. The first ferryboat we purchased is in service and the other two are on the way. While these ferries are operating in the gulf, their names will live with us.”
Ali Erten, Chairman of Karşıyaka Sports Club, said they were very sorry for the death of Lemi Yerli and İbrahim Yegül in the last two days. “Giving the name of our great team captain to one of the new ferries lessens our agony to some extent. On behalf of Great Karşıyaka family, I would like to thank everybody who has a share in cherishing the memory of this name” said Zerrin Kocatoros and thanked to Mayor Kocatoros and the others.