• Izmir´s new ships to arrive back to back!

Izmir´s new ships to arrive back t...

Izmir´s new ships to arrive back to back!

The main engines, generators and transmissions of the first of 15 new ferries built at our shipyard for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality have been installed. The seats will be installed this week. The hull of the second ferry has also been completed. The hull of the 3rd one will be completed in 15 days. The 4th one is at the phase of molding.
The building of 4 ferries, out of 15 ordered by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the purpose of improving the sea transportation in the city, continues. The first of the ferries that was built out of carbon composite material is being painted. The first ferry is expected to be delivered at the beginning of the new year. With the works at shipyards in Yalova going at full speed, the other ferries are also being built one after another: The hull of the second ferry has been completed, the third hull will be completed in ten days and the fourth is being infused (molded).
The cutting edge technology
Being built by using carbon composite, a material used in aviation and space technology, the ferries of İzmir will be good examples for the entire Turkey. Özdemir Ataseven, the Chairman of Özata Shipyard that is manufacturing the ferries, stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality contributed a lot to the Turkish maritime by having these ferries built. "This is a very well thought, well researched work performed with a great courage. I have been a seafarer for 40 years. As a Turkish man and a seafarer, I can never thank the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality enough for this” said Ataseven.
“The ferries of İzmir have been a good example for the entire world. These are the ferries used by the Northern Countries recently.However, the new ferries being built for İzmir are the biggest sea busses in the world. They are being built by using carbon infusion, carbon composite, vacuum infusion systems. In other words, these are the ferries being built by the cutting edge technology. The carbon composite ferries. Because the chosen material is used in the defense industry and space technology, it requires a very special technology. We, naturally, invested in this technology. There is no plant in Europe similar to ours. Now, we have the biggest and the most modern plant of Europe.”
İzmir will be an example for everyone
Pointing out the significance of new ferries for İzmir, Ataseven said, “They are using smaller ferries than these in the north, in Norway. These ferries can go at 32 knots and, let’s suppose the waves are 4 meters.It can go at 32 knots without decreasing the speed. It has such a technology”.
Ataseven also reminded that the new ferry is economical and environmentally-friendly. "Fuel and emission is decreased by half. It is very economical and environmentally-friendly. Some people think they are expensive to build, but these ferries compensate the cost difference within one year or one and a half years. The Europeans discovered this technology 10 years ago and they are operating those, because fuel is almost costless.  Therefore it is profitable. Public and private sector will take İzmir as an example after witnessing all these features and will turn to carbon. However, believing without seeing may not be possible. They are waiting for the launch of the first ferry. We will deliver that in the shortest time possible and start discussing the other projects.”
“The composite material used in building does not wear in the sea and can be used life-long.These ferries do not suffer from metal fatigue and sea life like steel and aluminum. The steel ferries experience metal fatigue after 15 years in the sea. They require continuous maintenance. These materials are positive for the sea and no abrasion is experienced. They have no life cycle.”
We are ahead of our work schedule
Mr. Özdemir Ataseven provided us with the following information with regard to the 4 ferries out of the 15 ferries to be built for İzmir:
We are almost at the final phase of the first ferry. We at the final round. The second ferry is completed by 40%. The third is 30% and the forth is just being infused. That is, we are ahead of our work schedule. Then we will deliver one ferry at every three months. The main engines, generators and transmissions of the first of ferry have been installed. The shaft propellers are on the way. We will install the back seats after the 22nd. The floor covers and carpets have been chosen and will be covered this week. Front Control Console is completed and is being painted at the moment. All electronic devices have already been bought. All these works will be completed on November 30th. The paint of the lower floor has been completed up to the main deck.When the other devices are installed, the painting will be completed. We have already bought the material necessary for the other three ferries. We are planning to deliver earlier. Only, the doors and the landing platform are very qualified ones and they are not manufactured very often. The landing platform will be an automatic platform controlled by the captain and that is not affected by tides.It will have a non-slippery base and be big enough to allow three people to pass. We have already prepared a project with regard to this and it has already been approved. It is being manufactured. This process kept us busy for a certain time.However, we hope, our ferries will be finished before due time. For the second ferry, the main engines and generators are in place. The hull is already finished. It is in for outfitting. The hull of our third one will be completed within ten days.”