• Özata Shipyard aims to be a recognized brand in yacht maintenance&repair

Özata Shipyard aims to be a recognized b...

Özata Shipyard aims to be a recognized brand in yacht maintenance&repair

 Özata Shipyard aims to be a recognized brand in yacht maintenance&repair

Successfully progressing in execution of sophisticated shipbuilding projects since 2008, and constructing research&rescue boats with self-righting quality under this scope, and catamaran passenger ships with carbon composite hull, which are tried for the very first time in Turkey, Özata Shipyard has started the studies to promote Turkey´s name in a new segment. 

Özata started its initiatives to become a recognized brand in yacht refit as of last April as a result of the fact that the cost difference between the European shipyards increased the popularity of Turkey in terms of yacht refit projects, and with the assessment of the market competition conditions in the refit operations still carried out in low quantities and sizes. 

Within this scope, it has reached an agreement with a British company for the execution of the first project. The motor yacht of AKHIR 128 type constructed in 2001 in the Italian Cantieri di Pisa Shipyard was taken under maintenance in Özata Shipyard located in Yalova Altınova Shipyard Zones in April. 

On the other hand, it was learned that Özata Shipyard will initiate the refit project of a 38 m. yacht of Italian design and product at the end of the year, while continuing its refit project. 


It was learned that the delivery was made in a 75-day period in total by completing revision of the layout of the entire engine room, detailed maintenance of the main machinery and the propulsion system, renewal of the propulsion system automation and its integration to the machines, substantial renewal of the pipe systems,  renewal of the alternators of 2 main generators and  completion of their detailed maintenances, integration of one new port generator to the ship, renewal of all of the electric cable equipment located in the engine room and in the accommodation area, re-production of the electricity system main board and all the distribution boards, revision of navigation and communication electronic systems, revision of the bridge console, removal and maintenance of all the pumps and valves, disassembly of the entire insulation in the engine room and the accommodation area and their replacement with new and light materials, revision of the furnitures, execution of the polishing and varnish processes, removal of the wall panels of the accommodation area, their installation following the upholstery, and renewal of the furnishing, including the manufacturing and assembly of the composite curtain of the two new constructions.


Builder                         Cantieri di Pisa

Year of Construction          2001

Full length                            37,43m 

Width                          7.40m

Depth                                3.70m

GRT                              255 

Net Tonnage                76

Main Engine P.             4480 kW, MTU