• Özdemir Ataseven: There is mobility in the market

Özdemir Ataseven: There is mobility in t...

Özdemir Ataseven: There is mobility in the market

 Özdemir Ataseven: There is mobility in the market 

Chairman of ÖZATA Shipyard, Özdemir Ataseven gave a statement to Vira Maritime about the SMM Hamburg Fair.  

Ataseven stated that they continued their meetings intensely for 3 days in the booth located in the National Pavilion or ÖZATA Shipyard organized by the Turkish Ship and Yacht Exporters.  "We are not selling goods like the suppliers in this fair" he said.  "We are intensely continuing our negotiations with Danish, German, Norwegian and Canadian companies for 3 days.  They are mostly interested in our environmentally-friendly and durable carbon products. Our passenger ferry projects also receive huge attention. Regardless of how well we tell of them, people want to visit our facilities.  To that end, we will host these companies after the holiday at our facilities to improve our relations. In fact, there is a small mobility in the market."

Ataseven pointed out that the citizens of some countries abstain from coming to Turkey following the 15 July coup attempt, a dark night for the recent period of Turkey, and continued:

"For those who abstain from coming after 15 July, we explain that the situation is not as bad as the way the European media shows, and that everything continues routinely. I personally believe that conferences must be held participated both by chambers and bureaucrats.  For example, this is one of the world´s biggest fairs, and it must definitely be held here.  This was needed here. For the oncoming fairs, it must be shown that Turkey is not what it looks like in the European media through a big organization participated by the state and the chambers.  My customers ask me what happened, and I tell them the truth. Then, they say it is nothing to be exaggerated.  But I cannot tell this to everybody one by one.  I do it as much as I can, but the NGOs and chambers must tell this fact in a more organized way through collaboration with the state."