• İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched 3 more ships

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched...

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched 3 more ships

 İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched 3 more ships 

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said "I have a request from my fellow folks of Izmir.  Please prefer ferries and transportation by sea as much as possible for your urban transportation.  You would have a major contribution both to the country´s economy and to the carbon emission."  

Having introduced the "Sea Transportation Development Project" to increase the sea transportation´s share in public transportation and to replace the current fleet with modern, environmentally-friendly and handicapped-friendly ships, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service 2 new passenger ships and the last of the ferryboats with a ceremony.  Among the guests of the ceremony held at Üçkuyular Ferry Port were the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, CHP İzmir MPs Ali Yiğit, Atilla Sertel, CHP Provincial Head Ali Asuman Güven and district mayors, Altay Football Club´s President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, Vahap Özaltay´s son Günay Özaltay, Metin Oktay´s son Rıfat Oktay and Kubilay´s grandson Kemal Kubilay.

Güneş Özaltay, son of the late Vahap Özaltay, a famous footballer from İzmir, was the first to deliver a speech at the ceremony.  Güneş Özaltay said "We are proud that this artwork is named after my father who was always proud of being from Izmir." Taking the stage after him, Metin Oktay´s stepchild Rıfat Pala said "We were with Metin Oktay for 30 years. Now, I´m the only one left in İzmir. This is a great honor for me.  The memories are coming back to life.  I also thank my fellow townsmen for voting for Metin Oktay, on behalf of his fans".

The revolutionary martyr third lieutenant Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay´s grandchild Kemal Kubilay also told that they were proud that a ferry is named after his grandfather.


Taking the stage after the other speakers, the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said "We made a decision.  We took steps to modernize the sea transportation in the gulf.  We made studies.  We looked into the shipping sector.  We analyzed, we broke grounds, and there are no equivalents for these 15 catamaran type ships in the whole world.  A cutting-edge technology, less fuel, more comfort, a durable material.  We built a ship accessible by the handicapped and entertaining the children while traveling.  Although another company holds the patent, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality created this ship which led to a massive expansion in the Turkish shipyard sector.  It has become a reference.  As the ferryboats built by Çeksan Shipyard are launched into the gulf, and as the travel in the gulf improves in terms of time and comfort, I believe that the gulf and the ferries become a great blessing for our people."


Stating that the costs of the passenger ships and the ferryboat are 9.5 million Euros and 10.5 million Euros respectively, Kocaoğlu said "The total cost of the current ships is 28 million Euros, that is, 95 million Turkish Liras. The project price is 500 to 550 million Euros.  We are trying to build new ports.  We are planning to expand to the middle and outer gulf by the latest fast ship to come.  We organized expeditions to Foça and Mordoğan in the summer season.  I have a request from my fellow folks of İzmir.  Please prefer ferries and transportation by sea as much as possible for your urban transportation. You would have a major contribution both to the country´s economy and to the carbon emission."

Kocaoğlu also mentioned the investments they made to the urban transportation andcut the ribbon along with the guests to commission the three ships.  Aziz Kocaoğlu and his company had a tour in the ferryboat and the two passenger ships and were informed by the officials.  While 12 out of 15 passenger ships were commissioned in Izmir, it was stated that 3 more are on their way.


The 15 new passenger ships that have been built for Metropolitan Municipality at Özata Shipyard have been made of carbon composite material through vacuum infusion technology and offer an advantage in terms of fuel and maintenance despite being more expensive than materials like steel and aluminum. It is said that the ship may amortize itself within 4 years based on its operational success.

Carbon composite is 8 times more durable and 3 times lighter than steel. Thanks to these features, it may reach a speed of 30 knots by a less stronger engine and less fuel. It also offers a big advantage in terms of the hull maintenance works required to be made every year.