• Es Group launches the biggest dredger ship of Turkey:

Es Group launches the biggest dredger sh...

Es Group launches the biggest dredger ship of Turkey: "KANUNİ".

 Es Group launches the biggest dredger ship of Turkey: "KANUNİ".

Turkey´s biggest dredger ship "Kanuni" built in Özata Shipyard for ES Group was launched by a ceremony. 

Among the participants of the ceremony held at Özata Shipyard in Yalova´s Altınova District were Chair of ES Group´s Board of Directors Erol Demirbaş, ES Group Board Members Birol Demirbaş and Halil Demirbaş, Deputy Chair of Özata Shipyard´s Board of Directors Hulusi Ataseven, and ES Group and Özata Shipyard employees.  


Taking firms steps to become the biggest dredger fleet of Turkey, Es Group realized a project of utmost importance for the shipping sector.  The biggest dredger ship of Turkey, Kanuni was built by an investment of nearly 25 million TL.  It is 43-meter long, 16-meter wide, 3-meter deep, has a 2.30-meter maximum draft value and 1100 displacement capacity, and 5 blocks in total.  


Chairman of ES Group´s Board of Direcrtors Erol Demirbaş stated that the remaining works would continue after the launch, and that the ship would be delivered from the shipyard after its completion.  Saying that the lore peak of Kanuni has one excavator with a 200-ton capacity, Demirbaş said that this dredging buoy is probably unique as it is self-driven. 

The Chair Demirbaş thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said "All of its materials has the most efficient and quality hardware.  This is equipment created thanks to the coordinated work of the local and international suppliers.  This piece of art is a photograph of the future personally supported by the experts. This is a concrete indicator of the success of our company ranking 3rd among the fastest growing companies of our country in the TOBB Turkey 100 Competition."