• Özata Shipyard advances

Özata Shipyard advances...

Özata Shipyard advances

Accelerating its investments with the Project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, our shipyard is maintaining its manufacturing at full speed with its ongoing projects of passenger cruise vessel (NB26) and chemical tanker vessel (NB22) apart from the İzmir Project.
Our shipyard adds new closed areas needed for mass manufacturing of carbon fiber passenger ferries, every passing day, and is continuously developing and making effective use of technology. Becoming prominent with the completed and ongoing projects in the Shipbuilding Industry that has a big share in the economy of the country, ÖZATA Shipyard has been recognized by domestic and foreign companies for its participation in the tender of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality as the one and only domestic company and being awarded with it.
We are planning to participate in the Norwegian NOR-SHIPPING fair, one of the prominent fairs of the sector that is held biennially.We are aiming to introduce our Carbon Catamaran passenger ferry project here and show foreign participants our production capacity and what can be done in our country.