"Çakabey" Starts Operating...

"Çakabey" Starts Operating

Çakabey, the first of 15 ferries built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality at Yalova Özata Shipyard for €117 million made its first voyage in the Bay between Konak and Karşıyaka. Raising anchor from Konak, the first voyage of Çakabey was accompanied by Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The first passenger of the ferry was a young lady called Esra Şener. Esra Şener was presented a plaque in memory of the day by Aziz Kocaoğlu. During the voyage, Çağrı Gökhan Tortum, the ship master, surprised Mayor Kocaoğlu by getting him sign the “Ship Journal” known as the logbook before the voyage started. Experiencing the excitement of participating to the first trip of the ferry, people on the ship took many pictures with the Mayor. At the end of the 10-minute voyage, Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, Mayor of Karşıyaka, met Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu at Karşıyaka Pier.
“Dokuz Eylül (9th of September)”, the second ship will be in İzmir soon
Wishing “good luck” to İzmir people with Çakabey, Mayor Kocaoğlu told that 15 new ships would be added to the fleet by the end of 2017. “Çakabey had arrived in İzmir 84 days ago and started operating after all the audits and controls were completed”, said Mayor Kocaoğlu. “It had some deficiencies called “pediatric illnesses” in the industry. These were all eliminated and all the necessary certificates have been obtained and the ship started to serve from Konak Pier at 11:40. Because Çakabey is the first prototype, we, both the company and us, now, know what is missing in the other ships and what should be done according to the specifications; therefore, the controls and acceptance phases will be much faster. The second ship will be ready in a few weeks.”
New ships of İzmir will astonish everybody
The new ships will be of catamaran hull types.
The main construction material will be carbon composite which is more solid than steel, lighter than aluminum, durable, with longer life cycle and lower operational cost.
Of the fifteen ships, the operation speed of 13 ships will be 18 nautical mile/hour and 2 of them will have 30 knots (The currents ships can run 9-10 knots/hour).
The ships will have full electronic control system and maneuver capability. Thus, the ships will be able to dock in and out of the piers in a very short time.
The ships have been planned in a way to respond to the needs of İzmir in inner and outer bay.
The length of the ships will be minimum 37 meters and the width minimum 11.5 meters.
The seats will be comfortable and ergonomic with wide allowance between the seat rows.
The inner bay ships will have 420 passenger capacity and the outer bay ones 400 passengers. The ships will also have special places for the physically disabled.
There will be a snack bar and also automatic vending machines for snacks on the ships.
In front of the ferries, there will be wide enough ramps controlled by the ship master automatically that will allow the passengers to quickly get in and out and also that will enable the disabled to use without requiring any help. 
The ships will also be furnished with baby change units.
Toilets and disabled toilets will be provided.
The ergonomics of the ship will be structured in a way to allow the disabled and the baby prams to be used on it. 
There will be signs and warning labels written in Braille Alphabets at certain places for the blind to use.
The ships will have two decks. The first deck will be indoor area and the second deck will have both indoor and outdoor areas.
On the ship, certain places will be designated as bicycle parking areas. Therefore, cyclists will also benefit from travelling comfortably by using the ship.
There will be at least three independent pet cages on the ships to allow the pet owners to carry their pets on board.
There will be suitcase shelves and areas for the passengers to put their bags and suitcases.
Indoor passenger halls will be air-conditioned in a manner so that they will not sweat in summer and be cold in winter.
The ships will be controlled and monitored from a “fleet operation system” to be established at a center. The passengers will be informed by monitors on the ships or on the shore units by means of the same system. TV broadcasts will also be watched on the ship.
Wi-fi connection will be provided for the passengers on the ships.
Spare part purchases will be realized within the framework of the tender in order to ensure problem-free performance of repairs and maintenances of the ships.
Target: 27 million passengers

It is anticipated that there will be 25% increase in the total number of the passengers in the first year of the ships in İzmir. In 2017, when the last ship will arrive, this number is expected to reach 100%. That is, 13,500 passengers, the current number, will double during this time and the number will reach 27,000 passengers that will prefer sea as a wa