ÖZATA Shipyard was established in 1985 in Tuzla, Istanbul, continued its activities in Tuzla region until 2002 and has become an experienced and preferred company in its field.

In 2002, our founder Mr. ÖzdemirAtaseven, brought the Özata Shipyard to its current status by making necessary investments in Altınova region near Yalova in order to use his experience and knowledge in shipbuilding activities. Established on a 60,000 square meter area, Özata Shipyard has built yachts, mega yachts, passenger ships, special purpose research and rescue boats (Sar Boats), and carbon fiber body catamaran ferries in its fully equipped facilities. With an annual 20,000 ton steel processing capacity, experienced workforce and personnel, Özata Shipyard can build world class ships up to 30,000 DWT.

With its biggest objective to take leading steps for its country and its sector, Özata Shipyard continues its projects with its innovations and innovative structure.


Özata Shipyard´s Facilities and Technical Capacity

The carbon fiber production capacity, which exists in a few countries in the world, is held by Özata Shipyard among the shipyards of our country, and we have a 2,000 square meter factory and a total of 10,000 square meter closed production plant with woodwork shops, fiber cutting shops, and carbon fiber warehouses, as required for such production, equipped with a conditioning system.

• 2600 KVA Electric transformer and power capacity
• 700 square meter prefabrication workshop
• 12x60 m biaxial CNC cutting machine
• 600 ton capacity of bending press
• 8000 square meter block manufacturing area
• 2000 square meter steel storage area
• 2000 square meter storage area
• 1000 square meter social facility area
• 3 x 15 Ton Cranes
• 1 x 2×50 Ton Crane
• 1 x 2×25 Ton Crane
• 1 x 7.5 Ton Cranes
• 3 x 10 Ton Cranes
• 1 x 5 Ton Forklift
• 1 x 10 Ton Forklift
• 1 x 35 Ton Mobile Crane
• 1 x 30 Ton Mobile Crane
• 2 x 10 Ton Closed Space Overhead Crane
• 2 x 5 Ton Closed Space Overhead Crane