Özata Shipbuilding was founded in 1985 in Tuzla, Istanbul to perform steel processing and piping works of newly constructed and re-built vessels. Özata continued its activities in many Shipyards at Tuzla Region until 2002, and became a well-experienced and preferred organization in its field.

In 2002, the founder Mr. Özdemir Ataseven made investments in Altınova, Yalova with the purpose of using his experience and knowledge in the Shipbuilding Industry.








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Our esteemed founder, Mr. Özdemir Ataseven, laid the foundation of our company in 1985 as a subcontractor company , marking the inception of a journey characterized by dedication and excellence. Over the years, under his visionary leadership, the company not only thrived as a key player in Tuzla but also earned a reputation for delivering high - quality services. The period until 2002 reflects a chapter of sustained growth and success, solidifying our position as a trusted subcontract or in the dynamic business landscape of Istanbul's Tuzla region.
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Shipyard Investment to Altınova, Yalova

Our founder Mr. Özdemir Ataseven, made a significant investment in the Yalova Altınova region in 2002 by establishing Özata Shipyard for new b uilding on a sprawling 60,000 square meter area. During that period, Özdemir Ataseven became one of the pioneering shipyard owners to invest in the Yalova Altınova region. The shipyard remains actively engaged in new building activities to this day, showca sing the enduring legacy of Mr. Ataseven's forward - thinking vision and commitment to development in the maritime industry.
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Infusion Hall Has Been Implemented

The Infusion Hall was established with the purpose of bringing carbon composite projects to life. Following the establishment of this hall, carbon catamaran ferry projects were successfully completed in Istanbul and Izmir. Moreover, the combination of carbon composites with steel and aluminum was accomplished with great success. As a result, Özat a Shipyard became the sole shipyard in Turkey and one of the rare ones worldwide capable of achieving this unique combination.
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Investment to Military Projects

In 2015, Özata Shipyard made strategic investments with the aim of undertaking military projects. This initiative marked a significant milestone in the shipyard's history, as it diversified its portfolio to include the construction of vessels for military purposes. The decision to venture into military projects demonstrated Özata Shipyard's c ommitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to diverse sectors within the maritime industry. The investment not only strengthened the shipyard's capabilities but also positioned it as a key player in the defense and security maritime sector. As a resu lt, Özata Shipyard continued to solidify its reputation as a versatile and forward thinking shipbuilding facility
Özata Shipyard Build | About Us

Özata Repair Shipyard Has Been Established

Our founder Mr. Özdemir Ataseven, extended his investment to shipbuilding by establishing a second shipyard in Altınova region of Yalova, spanning over 50,000 square meters in 2017. Since its inception in 2017, the shipyard has been actively providing maintenance and repair services. While catering predominantly to foreign shipowners, the shipyar d also undertakes repairs for vessels owned by Turkish shipowners. With this strategic investment, Özata Shipyards not only expanded its capacity as a new construction facility but also solidified its role as a vital contributor to Turkey's export industry through repair and maintenance services.
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Investment Has Been Made in the Second Dock for the Repair Shipyard

By making a new investment in the repair shipyard, Özata acquired a second dock. This expansion increased its capacity, enabling the simulta neous provision of maintenance and repair services for multiple ships. Consequently, Özata not only diversified its portfolio but also enhanced its export rates with Chronological History.docx this strategic move. The addition of the second dock allowed Özata to streamline its opera tions, resulting in improved efficiency and quicker turnaround times for its clientele. This, in turn, bolstered the shipyard's reputation for quality service and positioned it as a go - to facility for both domestic and international shipowners seeking top notch maintenance solutions. The increased flexibility in handling multiple vessels simultaneously further solidified Özata's standing in the maritime industry.
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The Building Has Begun on the First Military Project

In 2021, Özata Shipyard initiated its first military project construction, marking a significant milestone as it ventured into military shipbuilding for the first time. This endeavor represents Özata Shipyard's commitment to diversifying its portfolio and expanding its expertise into the d omain of military vessel construction. The commencement of this military project underscores Özata's capabilities and positions the shipyard as a key role in the defense maritime sector.
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Investment Has Been Made in Solar Panels

In line with its zero - emission policy, Özata invested in solar panels and had them installed on the roofs of both shipyards. This strategic move reflects Özata's commitment to sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact. The installation of solar panels ali gns with the goal of generating our own electricity, contributing to a more eco - friendly and self - sufficient operation. This environmentally conscious investment not only underscores Özata's dedication to green initiatives but also positions the shipyards as leaders in adopting renewable energy solutions within the shipbuilding industry. The utilization of solar energy further emphasizes Özata's proactive approach to address environmental challenges and promote a cleaner, more sustainable future.
Özata Shipyard Build | About Us
Özata Shipyard Build | About Us

'Özata Shipyard is able to build steel, aluminium, carbon and combinations of these materials.'

Özata made another investment and purchased a 50.000 m2 repair yard to the company structure in 2017. Özata continue its projects with its innovations and innovative structure, and always aim to make leading initiatives for its country and industry.

‘We are committed to deliver high quality with the next generation technology together with our highly experienced team’

Özata Shipyard Build | About Us