The first of the 15 Carbon Composite Catamaran Type passenger ferries of İzmir metropolitan Municipality was launched to sea at Özata Shipyard in Yalova.

After completion of the tender process in June 2013, the ferries started to be built at Özata Shipyard are among the most important projects of the world and the first project in Turkey in their own fields. Built by carbon fiber material, these 39 m long and 11.6 m wide catamaran type ferries will have 420+6 passenger capacity and 18 miles service speed. The last two ferries will serve at the speed of 30 knots. These ferries are called environmentally-friendly as they have longer life and lighter, when compared with steel, and they consume less fuel.

Completed in eight months, the biggest carbon fiber ferry in the world, Çakabey, and other 14 ferries that will be delivered with 90-day intervals will be used as sea transport vehicles of İzmir.

Özata Shipyard Build

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