Özata Shipbuilding was established in 1985 in Tuzla area, Istanbul to perform steel processing and piping works of newly constructed and re-built vessels. Özata continued its activities in many Shipyards at Tuzla Region until 2002, and became a well-experienced and preferred organization in its field.

In 2002, the founder Mr. Özdemir Ataseven made investments in Altınova, Yalova with the purpose of using his experience and knowledge in the Shipbuilding Industry. It is established on 60.000 m2 area with sufficient facilities. Today, Özata Shipyard is a pioneer company in its field. It has successfully build and delivered 72 projects; yachts, passenger vessels, trawlers, SAR boats for special purposes and ‘carbon fiber catamaran ferries etc. Özata Shipyard is able to build steel, aluminium, carbon and combinations of these materials. Which could be done in limited number of shipyards in the World, and only in Özata Shipyard in Turkey for the time being.

Özata made another investment and purchased a 50.000 m2 repair yard to the company structure in 2017. Özata continue its projects with its innovations and innovative structure, and always aim to make leading initiatives for its country and industry.

Our mission is committed to deliver high quality with the next generation technology together with our highly experienced team. Our vision is to maintain this mission in the future.









We lead with purpose. But we offer so much more.



  • Carbon Composite
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel + Aluminium
  • Steel + Carbon Composite
  • Steel + Aluminium + Carbon Composite



  • Fishing Vessels / Trawlers
  • Passenger Vessels
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Search & Rescue Boats
  • Carbon Composite Catamarans
  • Fast Offshore Supply & Service Vessels
  • Offshore Barges
  • Bulk Carrier
  • R & D Projects


Station Based Production System

  • CNC Cuting
  • Single Parts
  • Prefabrication
  • Components
  • Panel Production
  • Section Assembly
  • Curved Panel Production
  • Block Assembly
  • Aluminium Production Workshop
  • Paint Hall
  • Slipway
  • Quay

At Özata, we strongly believe in green energy, which provides the highest environmental benefit. As we realize that natural resources are limited and the demands we place on nature are increasing, the importance of transitioning from conventional energy sources to renewable sources becomes clearer. In this way, investments have been made to prevent carbon emissions and 5715 roof panels generating 2600 kW of installed power have been installed in all indoor areas in both the Newbuilding Shipyard and the Repair Shipyard. In addition, investments totaling 12613 kW have been completed to meet the total electricity consumption of the two shipyards.

6000+ PCS

Roof Top Solar Panels

Clean, Safe

Environmental Friendly


Generates 100% of its own electricity
Özata Shipyard Build

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