The third of the 15 catamaran-type ships ordered for the Izmir Gulf, named ‘1881 Atatürk,’ has arrived in the Izmir Gulf.

Ordered to expand sea transportation in the Izmir Gulf, the third of the 15 catamaran-type ships, named through a survey as ‘1881-Atatürk,’ was brought to Izmir after being delivered by the manufacturer.

The third of the 15 passenger vessels produced by Özata Maritime, the winner of the tender opened by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as the world’s largest carbon composite passenger vessel in the catamaran type, has reached the Izmir Gulf. After the manufacturer previously named the two delivered vessels as ‘Çakabey’ and ‘Dokuz Eylül,’ the remaining 13 passenger vessels and 3 ferries were subjected to a poll to determine their names.

The vessel with the most votes in the poll, named ‘1881-Atatürk,’ was anchored off Passport.

The people of Izmir showed great interest in the anchored vessel. Citizens walking along the promenade took photographs in front of the vessel, which attracted attention with its modern structure.

Fast and Comfortable

The vessel, which will make passenger transportation in the gulf faster at a speed of 18 knots per hour, has a capacity of 420 passengers. The vessel offers various comforts, from wireless internet to TV broadcasting. Special arrangements have been made for people with disabilities on the vessel. There are tactile warning and directional signs for the visually impaired, and suitable places for the vehicles of physically disabled individuals. To encourage urban cycling, there is also a bicycle parking area on the vessel.

Additionally, the vessel has independent pet cages for passengers to transport their pets. After the necessary checks, the new vessel will be put into service in the Izmir Gulf.”

Özata Shipyard Build

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