The 5th Defence Industry and Sector Relations Conference took place at the Green Park Pendik Hotel. Deputy Undersecretary of Defence Industry Sedat Güldoğan also attended the conference, which featured leading companies in the defence industry.


Today, defence industry is discussed everywhere. I am delighted to participate in this conference where industry and the sector come together. The past year has been crucial for the development of the defence industry. In the last 12 years, the sector has experienced a fourfold growth in turnover and a six-fold growth in exports. Significant investments have been made in R&D. I believe we have done our part for the development of the sector. The main outlines of the sector have been formed, and our companies have addressed their shortcomings. However, we have not yet reached the desired levels. A solid structure has not yet been achieved. The sector continues to grow in terms of turnover and the number of companies. The defence industry has gained sustainability. We are working to solve technologies together with research institutes. We have built a strong infrastructure. The entire sector has made technological advancements that cannot be bought with money. If we do not carry out these infrastructure works today, obtaining technology in the future will not be possible.


Universities, R&D organizations, and all stakeholders have come together, and with the provision of sufficient resources, our defence industry has reached its current position. We need to allocate more resources to the defence industry. After dealing with the rough part of the job, we need to move on to fine craftsmanship. We need to uplift the entire human resource of the country. Being able to produce the first technologies is crucial. The main issue is not money. We have serious goals ahead, such as 2023. 2023 Turkey has a target of $500 billion in exports. We need to deepen our technology. We need to create our own brands. However, the question of how the clogged place is. The claim of the defence industry is public procurement. We, as the public, are ready to provide all the necessary support to the sector.


Turkey’s starting point is the defence industry. We are everywhere in the world. We have reached as far as Colombia. They have a larger army than us. We can sell something. To ensure sustainability, we need to expand our markets. Kazakhstan has been visited fifty times. We need to think about every process. We have a strong industry. Turkey can leap towards its 2023 goals through the defence industry. The sector is in search all around the world. The world takes Turkey seriously in defence industry. We have gained a player role. We have many shortcomings. Together, we will overcome them all.

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