Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s Özata Shipyard has completed and put into service seven out of the 15 new passenger vessels commissioned. The municipality plans to name the remaining vessels after iconic football players from Izmir, adding a personal touch to the vessels as they serve in the gulf.

Of the 15 new passenger vessels chosen by the people of Izmir, seven have been completed and are now in service. The next two vessels, the 8th and 9th in line, will carry the names of unforgettable football players from Karşıyaka and Göztepe. The name of Karşıyaka legend Cengiz Kocatoros was officially assigned on his birthday, September 5th. The naming of the Gürsel Aksel vessel will take place on January 1st, coinciding with his birthday. Following these, the names of Sait Altınordu, Vahap Özaltay, and Metin Oktay will be given to other vessels.

The new passenger vessels, acquired by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for its transportation fleet, not only strengthen the connection between Izmir and the sea but also refresh the city’s historical memory through the chosen names. The names of 16 vessels were determined through a public survey, with 1881-Atatürk receiving the highest number of votes among the 500,000 participants. Legendary names from Izmir’s historic sports clubs were also prominent suggestions in the survey. So far, the municipality has named seven ships: Çakabey, 9 Eylül, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, and Foça (Çakabey and 9 Eylül ships were previously delivered).


The vessels that will carry the names of two football legends of Izmir, Cengiz Kocatoros and Gürsel Aksel, are up next now. The names of these two vessels, currently under construction at Özata Shipyard in Yalova and delivered in three-month intervals, were decided to be registered on the birthdays of both legendary football players before arriving in the city. According to this decision, the ship joining the fleet in October will bear the name of Cengiz Kocatoros, the unforgettable footballer known as “Gode Cengiz” by Karşıyakalılar (Karşıyaka fans), on his birthday, September 5th. Kocatoros’s name was engraved on the ship’s body at the shipyard on his birthday.

Gürsel Aksel, who played for Göztepe Sports Club for 17 years, captaining for 11 years, will have his name given to the ninth ship joining the fleet on his birthday, January 1st. The following vessel is planned to be named after Sait Altınordu, synonymous with Altınordu club. Subsequent vessels will carry the names of Vahap Özaltay and Metin Oktay, creating a unique connection between these football legends and the vessels operating in Izmir Gulf.

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