Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s tender contract for 15 catamarans will besigned with Özata Tersanecilik on Thursday, June 14.

The construction contract for 15 catamaran ships that will carry passengers inthe Gulf of Izmir will be signed between Izmir Metropolitan Municipality andÖzata Shipyard Company on Thursday, June 14. The company, which will startthe construction of shipsat the shipyard in Yalova Altınova, will deliver the firstship in 550 days at the beginning of 2014, according to the specifications.

The countdown has begun for the start of the construction of 15 catamarantype ships that will operate in the Gulf of Izmir, which caused controversy dueto the criticism of the industry, where aluminum ship producing companies arethe majority due to the ship material being carbon composite in the tenderspecifications.

Two of them are very fast

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will sign the construction contract with ÖzataShipyard, which will build thevessels for 117 million TL as a result of thetender, on June 14. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Aftersigning the contract, the construction of the ships will begin. The number ofpassengers will increase after the renewal of our fleet and the construction ofnew piers. “Our twovessels will be fast and will carry passengers to the outergulf,” he said. The company will deliver the firstvesselafter 550 days and theothervessels every 90 days.

The distance between Konak and Bostanlı will be 10 minutes

Konak-Karşıyaka and Konak-Bostanlı transportation, which takes 18-20 minuteswith existing passengervessels, will be reduced to 10 minutes with dockinganddeparture maneuvers. The operating speed of 13 of thevessels to bepurchased through tender will be 18 nautical miles per hour, the operatingspeed of 2vessels will be 30 nautical miles per hour, the length of thevesselswill be at least 37 metersand their width will be at least 11.5 meters.

Özata Shipyard Build

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