Soma ferry, the 4th of the catamaran type passenger ships built by Özata Shipyard for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is ready to sail.


The Soma Ferry which is the 4th of the 15 carbon composite hulled catamaran type passenger vessels that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will use in gulf transportation and all test stages have been successfully completed, was sent to Izmir by Özata Shipyard in Yalova.

Following the completion of the tender process, the Soma ferry, which was the 4th of the 15 ferries that started to be built at the Özata Shipyard in Yalova in June 2013, was built from carbon fiber material with a length of 39 meters and a width of 11.6 meters.

The ferry has a capacity of 420+6 passengers and a service speed of 18 knots (miles). The ferry also has specially designed areas for disabled passengers so that they can use the ferry easily, with features such as walking paths and disabled toilets throughout the vessel, from the boarding ramp. Soma, which has a longer lifespan due to the materials used and is more fuel efficient thanks to its lightness, is called environmentally friendly.

Security on the Soma ferry is at the highest level. The ferries are equipped with a security system that records images in every part of the ferry 24 hours a day with a total of 18 cameras. The interior areas are recorded from the passenger sections, engine rooms, steering rooms, and the external sections from the deck, front and rear terrace seating areas, port and starboard external areas.

Since the importance of life safety is kept at the highest level in emergency situations, ferries have been designed according to fire alarm and response system technology and the priority of evacuation of passengers.

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