The first of 15 Carbon Composite Catamaran type passenger ferries of IzmirMetropolitan Municipality was launched today at Özata Shipyard in Yalova.

With the completion of the tender process in June 2013, Özata Shipyard isamong the first projects in the world in the field of ferries, which started to bebuilt in Turkey. Constructed of carbon fiber material, 39 meters long and 11.6meters wide, the catamaran type ferries will have a capacity of 420 + 6passengers and a service speed of 18 knots (miles). The last two ferries willoperate at a service speed of 30 knots (mph). Ferries which have a longerlifespan and are more fuel efficient due to their lightness compared to steel,are called environmentally friendlyvessels.

‘Çakabey’, which is the largest carbon fiber ferry in the world and whoseproduction was completed in approximately eight months, and the 14 ferriesthat will follow with an interval of 90 days will be used as the new maritimetransportation vehicle of Izmir in the coming days.

Özata Shipyard Build

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